Summer Berry Trifle With Angel Food Cake

  • Author: Melissa
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: no bake
  • Total Time: 24 minute
  • Yield: 10 servings 1x


This berry trifle is the perfect summer dessert. It’s light and refreshing and so flavorful! This recipe is made with smooth and creamy dollops of homemade vanilla pudding and whipped cream, and flavorful angel food cake.

You can easily make this mixed berry trifle with store-bought ingredients, or you can assemble everything from scratch with the recipes below.




  1. If you are making everything from scratch, you can click on the following links to find the angel food cake recipe, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream recipes. 
  2. After you have the cake, pudding, and whipped cream prepared you can start to assemble the summer berry trifle
  3. Cut your angel food cake into bite-sized pieces, and prepare your fruit by washing and slicing as desired.
  4. Toss a layer of cake onto the bottom of the trifle bowl, and then scoop a few spoons of pudding on top.
  5. Scatter some berries on top, and then scoop a few spoonfuls of whipped cream. Continue alternating until you reach the top of the bowl or run out of ingredients.
  6. Reserve enough fruit and whipped cream to make a final layer of smoothed whipped cream with berries scattered on top.

I don’t bother to make even layers or spread the pudding or whipped cream too much because I think it tastes better to have bursts of flavor in places, rather than a thin amount all over.


This mixed berry fruit trifle tastes best the day it’s made. While it can last for a few days, the cake will start to get soggy.

Angel Food Cake recipe:

Vanilla Pudding recipe:

Whipped Cream recipe:

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  • Method: no bake

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